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Masersha Zemenfes
OMG where do I start!! I was very skeptical about this website as well online in general, however Daniel Levi has proved me wrong, that not all of them are scams. When I spoke to Daniel on chat through the Vitaresume he helped me by explaining that this is not scam, and I can trust him!. That was when I took a leap of faith, and went on for Daniel Levi to help me out with my resume. Thank GOD, I went ahead with the process, and let Daniel do what he does the best. Daniel was fabulous/outstanding person that helped me so much with my resume. When I came to him with certain things that I had questions when it came to my edit parts of my resume, he was very patient as well as professional at his job explaining everything that I didn't understand when it came to my resume. He was outstanding at his job ; he didn't show me any sings of irritation when I asked him over phone as well as text. Thank you ,Thank you and Thank you for your an amazing work Daniel!!. Continue on being an amazing helper as you are, and your great karma is coming on your way my dear!. I came to your website when I am in need of help fixing resume professionally, and Daniel was the man that helped me get my resume put together!!. If anybody needs any help when it comes to their resume professionally ; Daniel is the man to go to. I highly highly recommend him to anybody that is in need of help like myself. Now after all his help I am very confident by 1 or 2 weeks from now, I will get a job that pays better than what I had , since Daniel made huge improved on my resume. Thank you and Thank you!!. God Bless!!
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